Hyper Scape Patch Notes v2.4

Patch v2.4 – Season 2 – Hotfix

Patch 2.4 is now live. This small update features small hot fixes before the next major update on December 10th.



  • Health Regen Trigger Delay: 10s (previously 15s)

Developer Notes*: The health regeneration speed will be accelerated to create less pressure on health management in combat: It will now kick in after 10 seconds following the last damage received, instead of 15 seconds previously. Like any primary system change, this will affect all game modes, including Team Deathmatch.*

We know health regeneration speed created a lot of discussions in the community recently; we believe a 10s delay should be a good middle ground, giving damaged players more breathing room in combat, while still giving a chance for attackers to eliminate their opponents.



  • Rate of Fire: 140 RPM (previously 160)

Developer Notes*: The D-TAP’s rate of fire (aka rounds-per-minute, or “RPM”) has been reduced to make the weapon less efficient. After the recent upgrades, the D-TAP had seen a very strong rise in term of popularity and kill efficiency, especially on PC. This reduction of RPM lowers its overall damage output per second while also reducing the swarming effect when getting hit.*

The D-TAP will keep its recent changes in term of locking speed or range, to stay what it is intended to be: An easy-to-use weapon, that should not be a dominant primary weapon.

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